Transparent Pricing

Transparent Pricing

Choose the plan that fits better for your needs.

🥈 Pro Plan
Move Faster
$127.5 USD/hr
Avg Turnaround 3-5 business days
Availability for Meetings:
🥇 Dedicated Plan
Full Availability
$147.5 USD/hr
Avg Turnaround 24-72 hrs
Availability for Meetings:
Extended Meeting Duration
  • No upfront deposit.
  • Change the plan whenever it makes sense for you.

Why are there different rates?

When working with several clients, I learned that there are different expectations for turnaround time and availability.

That is why I created different plans.

All plans will have the same exceptional quality, and the only difference is how fast you will get results.

  • If you feel you need someone who can help in your business processes 24-72 hrs turnaround times, then it´s time to go with Dedicated Plan.

Please ask about the availability of every plan.